Monday, October 18, 2010

Becoming a Cement Man

Last week, some men dug out an old driveway and laid a new one at the house across the street. Luke spent a great deal of time watching them. After they were done working on the first day, Luke went across the street to collect rocks from the work site (small chunks of cement they hadn't carried away.) At one point, he ran inside to "get a bigger bucket!" Then he lugged bucketfuls of rocks over to our side and made a pile and a mess. That night, he and his dad hauled the rocks to the backyard and swept. Luke wanted to examine the rocks with a magnifying glass and I couldn't find it for him, so the next day, we bought two -one for Luke, and one for Pete. The day after that they spent lots of time examining the rocks in the backyard.

I love that curiosity. In his bedroom, he keeps a small box with all the things he calls his treasures: rocks, shells, a feather, silly bandz, etc. Anyway, he always stuffs things in his pockets so he can put them in his treasure box. Today, he stopped riding his bike to pick up and examine acorns still in their hulls. (Is that what they're called?) Anyway, he was stuffing them in his pockets, but they wouldn't all fit. So he was going to try to ride and hold one in his hand. No big deal for you and me (well, you) but it was a balancing act. Anyway, I hope angels keep moving snapshots (video, duh, Carrie) of the boys' lives so that Luke can look back and see what an interesting and adorable child he was. (And yes, I know that's my job. But you can't be good at everything.)

PS and totally off-topic: today we read a book about Christopher Columbus. We looked at an apple like it was a globe to show how people went East to the Indies and CC wanted to go West.
I told him, "People used to think the earth was flat. And that dragons lived at the edge to swallow you if you fell over."
Did I make that last bit up?

After the book, I said something like, "How about that?" And Luke's response was kind of like, "That's an okay book."
Then I said, "And it's a true story." 
Luke's response: "It is?!"
I guess I should have mentioned that at the beginning.

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