Monday, October 18, 2010

a good day

I planned our day last night. Before I planned, I prayed for help to know the important things. 

Here are the plans & how the day actually went:

Personal prayer: me, encourage the boys to say their own (they didn't.)
Read scriptures: me, out loud in the family room, sometimes ignoring Pete yelling.
Brush teeth. (This needs to be written on the schedule because my children brush their teeth once a day at night. That must change. I wish it was because I was really worried about their teeth. I am concerned. But mostly my motivation is the dread of getting yelled at by a dentist one day.)
Piano. We forgot.
A Morning Walk (bike ride for Luke) to Lowe's Grocery Store, about 8 blocks away. To replace Luke's toothbrush that had fallen in the trashcan with dirty diapers the night before. (Oh, he didn't brush his teeth this morning either.)

Clean the bathroom.
Clean the kitchen.
Dust and Vacuum (if you can figure it out. We bought a new vacuum. I didn't even attempt to figure it out.)
I did clean the bathroom and the kitchen. I'm just not sure when. And the kitchen is dirty again.

A Healthy Lunch. The kids boycotted the healthy lunch and had PB & honey. But, I had a salad. I felt guilty for giving them regular peanut butter, not no-sugar and oil added. And then I looked at the 2nd humongous canister of Peter Pan in the pantry from Sam's and thought, "Maybe after I use that up I'll go back to buying the other kind.")

Read stories to boys. Love.
Petey naps. Thankfully.
Luke and Mama read Henry Huggins. I love Henry Huggins. He's so respectful to Mrs. Huggins. Tonight at dinner, Luke said, "May I be excused?" Maybe it's rubbing off on him.
And plan Family Home Evening. We didn't.

Yoga-together if Luke would like to. Or independent time. (Luke drew pictures. I ...? didn't do yoga.)
Bake a treat together for F. H. E. (Um, YES - apple cake cupcakes.)
Make a good dinner. Ask Luke for help. (Luke & Pete were outside and out of the way. Asked Brandon for help once he got home.)
Practiced piano while his buddy from next door sat on the floor with Pete and listened.

Dinner, After-dinner walk, and FHE

Oh! I just remembered when I cleaned.
The boys ate lunch outside on the back patio, afterwhich they turned on the hose and made a mud which they bathed. I was cleaning the kitchen.
I cleaned the bathroom later while Luke and Pete were outside playing. They didn't get muddy again. I guess one naked soak-down with cold water was enough. Their clothes are still strewn across the patio. After they were washed off, they ran around naked --Pete avoiding the spray, Luke pretending to avoid it.

For me, this was a really good mothering day.

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