Saturday, October 9, 2010

Family Tree Ideas

  1. Fill out Family Tree with Luke.
  2. On a world map, locate the countries our ancestors came from/came to.
  3. Learn about those countries. Read books about. Read authors from. Recipes. Movies, music, internet. (DVD-Nature's Ireland). Also, landscape.
  4. Make postcards from each country with what we've learned (Can you order postcards?)
  5. Invite returned missionaries or others over to share their experiences with us in those countries, including culture, food.
  6. Learn more about grandparents. Create and send a questionaire.
  7. Visit Grandparents at Thanksgiving. Record experiences in journal and photos.
  8. Share love for grandparents by telling stories about them.
  9. Plant bulbs in memory of Grandma Petersen and others.
  10. Begin collecting family recipes again. Compile & share. Try.


  1. Way to go Carrie! You do realize that this makes it easier for other people (me!) to steal your ideas!!! Maybe I should follow suit and log some of my ideas too. It certainly helps me accomplish more! We miss you - let me know when you come this way again! We were thinking of driving to Williamsburg tomorrow, but the baby has a cold.

  2. I'm excited to glean from your ideas. More! More!